As some of you are already aware, Toby Herrera had to make a difficult decision. Earning a spot on two USA World Championship teams in different disciplines (F3K and F5J) in the same year is an awesome feat, but a major problem if you have to choose just one.

Toby announced to the team that he will unfortunately not be able to travel with the F5J team. As one team member put it "He has some unfinished business in F3K" and we wish the best for him and the whole F3K team.

Skyler Raver has moved up to fill Toby's slot, and John Lovins has accepted the alternate position. John's biography has been added to the "Meet the Team" page.

The entire USA F5J team recently attended "F5J in the Desert" event near Phoenix, AZ. The event took place at a sod farm. The field was totally open with no trees or other structures within reach, other than a power line far from the field. The weather changed from nice and nearly calm air on Saturday to very windy and turbulent on Sunday.

All of the USA team pilots did well in the preliminary rounds, some better than others, and all made the fly-offs. The windy conditions made Sunday flying very difficult, in fly-offs especially, resulting in at least one low score for every pilot. The event was a great practice for the team.

At the event Charlie Morris announced to the team that due to job related issues he will not be able to attend
the F5J World Championship in August, 2019. Charlie therefore has stepped down and Toby Herrera has officially joined the USA team. The new alternate pilot now is Skyler Raver.


Bulletin 0 has found its way to the internet via Facebook.
See 2019 FAI F5J World Championship Bulletin 0 for all the details.

Mark your calendars as follows:

Pre-contest FAI F5J World Trnava Cup

  • August 7th thru 10th, 2019

FAI F5J World Championship

  • August 11th - Registration, check in, opening ceremony
  • August 12th thru 15th - Qualifying rounds
  • August 16th - Final Rounds
  • August 17th - Reserve day, closing ceremony and banquet
  • August 18th - Departure day 

Team USA has been selected for the first FAI F5J world championship competition to be held August 12 - 17, 2019 in Slovakia.

Images from the 2018 f5j team select competition in Longmont, CO

Senior Pilots

Oleg Golovidov

Charles Morris

Jonathan Garber

Toby Herrera (alternate)


Junior Pilots

Dennis Hesselius

Daniel Estingoy

Stoil Avramov

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